Trash & Recycling Center

The Town of Baraboo Recycling Center and trash collection site is open to township residents every Saturday in lieu of residential pickup services.
Please Note: Residents of the City of Baraboo must use the city’s collection service.

E11604 Crawford Street

Saturdays, 8am – 4pm

Recyclables must be sorted into the following 4 categories:
1. plastics, glass, tin, and aluminum (collected together)
2. scrap metal
3. paper (including magazines)
4. cardboard

All recyclables must be free from contaminants – e.g., a pizza box covered in grease must go in the trash and is not recyclable.

Placing recyclables in plastic bags is not allowed. Instead, it is helpful to collect your items in open containers that can be easily dumped.

Recycle your silage bags, bunker covers, bale wrap, plastic feed bags, and hoop film for FREE. Click Here for More Information

We Do NOT Accept:
TVs, computers, refrigerators, microwaves, smoke detectors, dehumidifiers, mattresses or box springs, tires, batteries, antifreeze, motor oil, gasoline, engine oils, couches, stuffed chairs, dead animals, grass clippings, brush, leaves, trees, Christmas trees, field stone, sand, gravel, or concrete.

For waste that we cannot accept at our location, please see the attached PDF for information on where to dispose of your items.

Sauk County Waste Disposal Guide